Lac de Pont

Lac de Pont

The reservoir Lac de Pont is located 4 km from the beautiful town of Semur-en-Auxois.
The lake is fed by the little river Armançon and by some smaller streams.
Lac de Pont is an artificial lake and the construction of the dam was completed in 1882. In 1883, the lake was filled with water. 
The water is used to feed the Canal de Bourgogne ( the Canal of Burgundy).
Work began at the end of 2014 to completely renovate the dam. In November 2016, the work was completed.

Recreation on and around Lac 
de Pont

There are various recreational possibilities around this reservoir.
You can sunbathe and/or swim here, hire a pedal boat, rowing boat or a whisper boat.
Around Lac de Pont, there is a footpath on which you can make a beautiful walk.

I have made this walk several times and the last time was in August 2021. Every season is suitable to walk this route.

We recently walked a bit along the lake. This was at the end of October 2021.
It was a beautiful sunny autumn day and we walked on a carpet of autumn leaves.


Lac de Pont Feuilles mortes Lac de Pont automneEvery season has its charms.

My hike along the Lac de Pont in pictures

This video shows the tour I made in August 2021.
More videos of Fermette en France can be found on our Youtube channel.

Directions to Lac de Pont

From Fermette en France it is about half an hour’s drive.
You drive to Semur en Auxois and there are signs directing you to Lac de Pont. 
When you set Rue du Lac, 21140 Pont-et-Massène in your GPS, you come out at the parking place opposite the lake. 
Usually you can park your car here.
Otherwise you can park your car at the campsite opposite the lake.

In good company of 3 other hikers, we started the route to the right.
You cross the road from the car park and look out over the lake ahead. You take the steps down and turn right onto the path.
You follow this the whole walk, the lake stays on your left.
You can’t make a mistake, just keep walking on the path.
The walk is also indicated by yellow signposts.

In the beginning you will see beautiful ( and less beautiful) houses on top of the path.
Many houses have their own mooring for their little boat.
From the houses or the garden is a fantastic view over the lake. When you walk on the other side, you can get a better idea of what these people are looking at.

Along the way, you will come across a bench every now and then, where you can take a break.
It is advisable to bring enough to drink and something to eat. There is a restaurant at the start/finish (Le Pari des Gourmets) but you will not find a place to drink or eat along the way.

150 years ago there was a mill in the valley, which is now a lake. It was called Moulin de la Ronce.
At low tide you can still see the remains of the mill.
During the renovation of the dam, I also did this walk.
At that time you could shorten the trip considerably, which I did with my co-hiker.

Lac de Pont Moulin de la Ronce
Lac de Pont Wandeling

On the way, you will cross another trail. This is the “Sentier des Oiseaux”. 
This walk is also on my list of walks I still want to do.

The walk around Lac de Pont is not difficult, there are few height differences.
This path is also popular with joggers and runners.
Along the shores of the lake there are regularly fishermen.

Please note that the hunting season is from September to February inclusive. The municipality will indicate the days when hunting is allowed. Hunting is also indicated by signs: “Chasse en Cours”.

The last part of the route crosses the new bridge and the restored dam. 
Then you can see the huge difference in height between the lake and the small river in the valley.
The water here can crash down with considerable force.

My app indicated 13 km, at the end of the video it says 12.5 km.
So the distance will be somewhere in between.
I think it is a beautiful hike and my hiking companion agreed with me.

Do you want to know more about the walks you can make from Fermette en France? Then check out our blog page.
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