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Coronavirus, reservations for holidays in 2021

Now that the Corona virus is spreading again, you might not dare to book a holiday for 2021. In the article below, you can read about the conditions we apply, so that you can still enjoy a wonderful holiday with us.

This is not my favourite subject to write about. I prefer to write about more pleasant subjects such as our surroundings, the beautiful Bourgogne and the walks I take.
Nevertheless, it is useful to mention all the information concerning the Corona virus and the possible booking of a holiday in 2021.
I have already been told a few times, “I would like to come but what happens if I have to cancel”?
I explain everything clearly in this blog so you know where you stand.

Booking and cancellation conditions in 2021

The conditions for booking a holiday have not changed. You send a request via the page here on the website, or you send us an e-mail with the preferred date. You can check the calendar yourself to see if the date is available, but we are also happy to do that for you.

If you make a request by e-mail, it is useful to mention

  • Requested arrival date
  • desired departure date
  • number of persons
  • number of children + age
  • do you require a cot/high chair
  • do you want to bring your pet

We respond in any case within 24 hours, often even within the hour. That depends on whether I am at a location with good internet connection. 
After I have checked that the desired date is indeed available, I will send you an invoice and ask you to confirm the reservation. We require a deposit of 50% of the cost of the overnight stay. We ask you to transfer this deposit as soon as possible. After receiving the prepayment I will immediately send you an e-mail to confirm that we have received the deposit, and the reservation is confirmed.
Additional information about the payment of the remaining amount is also mentioned in this e-mail.

Cancellation in 2021

We will be just as flexible with cancellations as we were in the spring of 2020. We will apply these rules again in 2021.

If you have to cancel because the borders are closed or if there is a negative travel advice (which I hope is not the case), we will return the full deposit amount.
We do not charge any fees. 
If you have to cancel because of illness, whether or not Corona related, it is useful to contact your insurance company. This also applies to other reasons to cancel. We always advise you to arrange cancellation insurance.


It is also possible to accept a “voucher”. You can change your travel date, also free of charge of course. The voucher is then your down payment. 
We have not used this yet. After consultation with all guests who had booked last year and had to cancel because of the Corona virus, we have refunded all deposits.
So you can book your holiday for 2021 without too much risk.

Our safety precautions in 2021 concerning the Coronavirus

I cannot see into the future, but I so hope, and so does everyone else, that the virus will be more under control.
In any case, we will continue to apply the safety rules of 2020 in 2021.
What we will change is the one day blocking between reservations. Last season it turned out that, when everybody respects the arrival and departure times, we manage to have the accommodation ready in time for the next guests.

Contactless check-in

It is possible to check in contactless. This means that the key is ready for you and we are not there to receive you. We also do this when guests have been delayed a lot on the road and the arrival is very late.

Wearing a face mask

mondkapje Gaufres d'OrIf you appreciate it, we will wear a face mask when we welcome you or at any other time of contact.


After the usual cleaning, we disinfect all door handles, light switches, keys, remote control etc. Next to the kitchen door is a holder with hand gel. Before you go in you can use this gel if you like.

Change of duvets and pillows

After checking out, we change all duvets and pillows. We remove the used bedding, including covers.
The new duvets and pillows with which we then make the beds have been aired for at least 24 hours.

Arrival and Departure

We have to be really strict about the arrival and departure times. It is really necessary for us that the cottage is empty before 10:00. Then we can air and clean the cottage properly. Before the Corona virus got hold of us, we were easy about this. 
If you still want to make a walk, or do something in the area, it is possible to store your luggage with us, but you can no longer use the accommodation.

You are welcome from 16:00h

Because it is a long journey for most people, it is not always easy to predict what time you will arrive.
It also depends on the traffic conditions.
If you arrive much earlier than 16:00, it is possible to store your luggage in one of our cellars or on the terrace.

Explore Burgundy in advance

You can’t use the guest house yet. Although it was not always convenient, when you are still cleaning and also have to greet new guests, we did not make it a problem. Now we apply this rule strictly.
We advise you, for example, to go and do some shopping or, even better, to go and have a drink at a terrace in the neighbourhood. 
You can also go for a short walk, great for stretching your legs after a long car journey.

The garden/courtyard remains private

Also in the season of 2021 we will not rent the Atelier separately. it is only rented as an extra room when you are with more than 6 people.
We decided to do this in the spring of 2020, also because of the fact that we received many questions about whether the garden is private.
We are happy with it and, more importantly, we have had many positive reactions.
Is the Atelier free, then it may be that family or friends of us stay (I hope they can come again) Here you have no further burden, because they use our terrace and entrance.

Back to Basics

When you don’t feel like it, you don’t have to go anywhere or to places where there are more people. 
Our cottage is a perfect base to relax. You can walk for hours in the Burgundian countryside without meeting anyone. We have several booklets in which walks are described.
We will post our own walks here on the blog page. If you prefer to read a lot and stay “at home” that is also possible. Our house is an oasis of peace.

In 2021 op vakantie in Frankrijk?

Hopefully in 2021, despite the coronavirus, it will again be possible to spend your holidays in France. We would love to have you with us of course 😉 

If you have any questions, you can always send us an e-mail:

Gîte in Burgundy


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