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Wandelen naar Buffon

16 km of walking through Burgundy. From Quincerot to Buffon

If you like walking through a varied landscape, then this walk is recommended.
Start and finish are at our gîte Fermette en France in Quincerot. The walk goes via “La grande Forge de Buffon” through the villages Buffon and Saint Rémy back to Quincerot. A walk of almost 16 kilometres.

Preparation when you go hiking.

This hike falls into the category of average. A 16 km hike is doable for advanced hikers. For the beginners this can be a tough hike.

  • Sturdy footwear is recommended as there are parts of this route where the path is not level.
  • Bring water and optionally something to eat on the way.
  • Is your mobile phone charged?
  • Bring some money with you if you want to visit La grande Forge de Buffon, or take a break at a restaurant or bar.

Start wandeling:
Bij het verlaten van Fermette en France rechtsaf richting de kerk lopen.
Ga linksaf ( Rue de Colombier) bij de kasteelmuur, volg deze weg en bij het pleintje gelijk linksaf.
Dit is de Rue de Morderot.
Deze weg loop naar beneden, en hier steek je de D4 over. Dit is geen drukke weg, maar wees erop alert dat er hier 90 km per uur mag worden gereden.
Pas dus goed op met oversteken!

Walk down the path and cross Le Vieux Pont (the old bridge).Turn right and follow this path.
The path goes up and you walk into the forest.
Wandelen, volg de aanduidingYou will often see route markings on trees or a fence etc.
The yellow line is an indication of a route that has been set out from various villages.
The white/red line indicates the pilgrim route Abbaye de Fontenay to Vezelay.

Walking out of the forest into the open.

From the forest you enter an open landscape and you have a wide view.
On the left in the distance you can already see the old iron forge “La grande Forge de Buffon”.
You keep following the path or the road. Although there are rarely cars here, you may encounter one.
You walk over the railway bridge, this is the track Lyon/Dijon-Paris.

In the distance, a little to the right, you can see Buffon.

You cross another bridge, this time over the little river Armançon/Brenne. Somewhere these two are joined, I don’t know exactly at which point.
Then you arrive at the Canal de Bourgogne.
Here you turn left before the water. The canal is on your right.
This is a bike path, be alert for cyclists.
Keep walking along the canal and you arrive at La Grande Forge de Buffon

You can decide to visit it or to continue your walk immediately.
Optionally, you can walk the same route back after your visit.

Continue the walk to Buffon

You cross the bridge over the Canal de Bourgogne and at the end of the path you cross the D905. On this road too you are allowed to drive 90 km per hour. This is a busier road, so be careful when crossing again!
You have a view of a rocky area. On this road sometimes trucks or tractors drive. You do not walk long on this road because at the first intersection you turn right.
Typisch Bourgogne
This is the Rue de Vaude. It is a bit of a climb, but when you get to the top, don’t forget to look behind you. 

The Rue de Vaude becomes the Rue de Rougemont, follow this road until you reach a small square (Place Amiral Ruyssen).
Turn left into the Rue de l’Église. The church and the cemetery are on your left hand side and at the end of this road you reach the canal again.
Cross the road (this is also the D905, so be careful) and go over the bridge to the left.

If you need a lunch, you can have it at the restaurant on the left (Le Maronnier).

When you have crossed the bridge, you can choose how to walk back.
You are now at the point where you came from before and you can take the same route back.
Or you can take the route along the canal and via Saint Remy. 

Walk further along the Canal de Bourgogne.

If you decide to walk back via Saint Rémy, turn left over the bridge. The canal is on your left.
In Saint Rémy you turn right towards the roundabout. At the roundabout is a bar where you can take a break. 
Or you take a lunch at the restaurant Le Mirabelle ( mentioned in the Michelin guide, reservation recommended).
The baker on the road left of the roundabout has delicious croissants and baguettes. You can even order a coffee to go.

When you have crossed the roundabout, go up under the railway bridge.
You keep following this road. From now on you can follow the yellow signposts.
After you have left the football field (on your right) you walk further up and you enter the forest.
Here too, the last part of the walk is well signposted. 
Follow this road and at the little square take the road left of the fountain (Rue des Souillas).
Pass the church and you’re back at Fermette en France.

The Walk to Buffon in images

In the video you can see an overview of the route.

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